Fujifilm cameras are a feast for the eyes for design fans and photography lovers anyway. But you can make them even better, more aesthetic and more practical.

Here I would like to present my best gadgets and accessories for the Fujifilm X Series.


The hot shoe cover is primarily for the security and protection of your X camera. This one is good and cheap here at Amazon.

Release Button

The X-Series cameras have a cable release button, which feels a bit strange especially for DSLR users. I also have my difficulties with it. But fortunately there are good quality solutions for the problem.

Here are my favorites: &


A hot topic is always the question of batteries for Fujifilm X cameras.

Good quality is a long time coming and I had to make my experiences until I found the right batteries.

My recommendation besides the original Fujifilm battery is the BAXXTAR NP-W126 which with 1140mAh comes closest to the capacity of the original.

Memory Cards

In my Fujifilm X-T2 I have a Lexar 2000x card with 32GB in the main slot ( This card delivers great results in with the serial boost and makes good use of the buffer rate.

For everything else and in the second slot I have a SanDisk Extreme Pro ( with 170mb/s. This is perfectly sufficient, even for serial boosts.

So if you don’t always take pictures in the football stadium at the side, you don’t necessarily need a Lexar.


My absolute transport gadget for cameras is the Capture Clip Pro v3 from Peak Design.

I have tried it with the cheap China imitation, which was defective after 6 months and of the dimensions almost twice as large.

The Capture Clip is small, fits on every backpack and keeps the camera always ready to hand without having to hang a belt around somewhere.

Especially for travel and adventure photography this part is the absolute bringer.


Picture Credits by f-stoppers


There’s a lot of arguing about backpacks.
Practicability an absolute must for me.

LowePro Flipside Trek 450


That’s why I decided on the LowePro Flipside Trek 450.


What fits:

  • Fujifilm XT 2 Body mit 18-55f2.8
  • Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Body mit 23mmf2.0
  • Fujinon XF35f2.0
  • Fujinon XF55-200 f3.5-4.5
  • DJI Mavic Pro Drone + Controller
  • 2 DJI Batterys
  • 1 Light Jacket
  • 1 Stative
  • Much Filters 
  • and many more

A real space miracle and always on photography trips and shootings thereby. Very practical is the sling function where you don’t have to put the backpack down to get to the photo bag.


Oakley Guntower


Alternative backpack for smaller tours and action:

Oakley Guntower Rucksack

Was passt rein:

  • head compartment:
  • X-T 2 + 18-55 f2.8
  • 1 Fujinon Fujicron 2.0
  • back pocket:
  • DJI Mavic Pro + Controller + 2 Batterys
  • Fujinon XF55-200 f3.5-4.5
  • 1 Light Jacket
  • 1 Bottle 1L
  • lateral parts:
  • 1 Stative

I find the Guntower especially practical for snowboarding and long tours where you want to take as little as possible with you on the one hand and on the other hand stay protected from the weather. The back pad does a great job!

I’ve been using the backpack for three years now and it’s still unbreakable. And on top of that it looks damn good.

Lens Hood for Fuji X

Lens Hood for Fujinon Fujicrons 23mmf2.0 35mmf2.0 50mmf2.0

The Haoge lens hood is on the one hand an absolute eye-catcher and on the other hand qualitatively on the level of the original metal lens hood from Fuji.

I gave each of my Fujicrons one. Thanks to the original attachment thread it can be used like an original lens hood without occupying the inner filter thread.

And with 35EUR the price is acceptable.

Currently the parts are no longer listed at Amazon. On eBay there is still plenty.


Camera Strap

Camera Strap

I’m not a fan of thick and wide camera straps that look Hyper Modern and embroidered the device name.

So I searched for understatement and found it:

Hyperion Camera Straps. For 15EUR you get quality for an unbeatable price.

Handmade and individually coloured according to taste in Greece. With a little shipping time you have something tangible and visually appealing hanging around your neck.

Picture Credits by Hyperion Camera Straps

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