Apple AirPods 2nd Gen – the ultimate travel companion

For a long time I have been looking for headphones that are easy to transport, have a great sound, don’t always slip out of your ears, don’t seal your ears and leave a strange feeling and that feel good.

After years of testing and reselling I finally ended up with the Apple AirPods 2nd generation.

And to make a long story short: I am absolutely thrilled!

On the road

I wear the AirPods almost always in my ears when travelling. Since they are light and small, this is not a problem.
Quickly in the ears and out again.
Connect to your iPhone in a flash and you’re ready to listen.

One should not necessarily go with the small parts in pouring rain, because they are not weatherproof.
But drizzle was no problem until now.

The battery lasts a whole day – Apple promises up to 18 hours. 
Thanks to the charging case, the AirPods are always charged as soon as you put them in your pocket.
Charging the case takes about 1 hour and you have power for the whole day again.

During sports

I love trail running and with the AirPods it is almost no problem.

They’re stuck in your ears. But sometimes one of the AirPods can easily get loose. Then you get the feeling that the part is about to fall out.

But until today it is not yet. But the feeling is there… 

You can, however, order a neck strap against this problem.

I got that thing. Good and cheap. That’s all I got. *

Sound quality

I am very fussy about the sound. After all, I played in a band as a drummer for years. So I know what good sound needs.

Here the AirPods are doing very well!
They are not Sennheiser InEar for professionals, but the AirPods are more than sufficient for private use and deliver very good sound in the bass and treble.

Telephoning with the AirPods

I love talking on the phone with the sharing. You move freely through the world and have great sound quality.

Unfortunately the AirPods lack the noisecancelling. So the person you are talking to can hear the ambient noise as well.

Too bad Apple that this feature was not available for over 100€.


Clear purchase recommendation on my part. And since the AirPods are currently available at very reasonable prices, you should take them.

I recommend buying them from Amazon because of their very customer-friendly warranty and return policy. *

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